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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

On The Re-Re-Rebound

This is an old pattern of mine. I mess with Blogger for a bit, get frustrated, and move to another blog service. New service works until, for any number of reasons, it doesn't. Then I go back to Blogger because my account is still open and it's still free. And I stick with that for a while. Then I get tired of the sheer kluge-i-ness of Blogger and start looking for another alternative.

I keep flashing on the late great Darren McGavin in A Christmas Story: "Ah-ha! Ah-ha! It's a clinkerrrrrr!"

Anyway, to make a long story short (not where my talents lie, it seems), I'm at the I've-had-it stage with Blogger again. With every post I make, comes a new bunch of glitches and headaches. And I'm done. I'm starting another blog.

With some attractive and freckly help, I've even managed to transfer all my posts here to there.

I'm leaving this page open for a while, to give everyone a chance to update their bookmarks, readers, and the letterhead on their written complaints. I'll also change the Notes feed on Facebook to reflect the change.

Honestly I'm done here. Blogger has had over a decade to keep me. It adds new cleverish things, but it stays so damn clunky it's sad.

All I want to do is write. Fire and forget. I don't want to hack and troubleshoot a writing instrument every time I pick it up. Slowdowns. Crashes. Data losses. Blogsend failures. Hell, I've had five or six freeze-ups just writing this. If I was really that patient, I'd be using a Gutenberg press. Fer crissakes, Blogger is making me pine for the halcyon days of manual typewriters.

So bye-bye. Or follow me.